Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Let's start at the beginning

Let's start at the logical place: the beginning.

Hello, my name is Rachel Callender. You can find me a couple miles out of London, England, sitting in front of my laptop, listening intently to 6Music and probably wasting my time wishing away my life.

I have another blog, The Fashion Edition, which was born in 2008 back when I was naïve to the flaws of the fashion world and pretty much had decided upon my studies, university course and that I would become a successful fashion designer. I guess you could say a lot has changed in 6 years, as you'd expect from the evolution into being a teenager. Now I'm that cynical girl preaching anarchy and individuality - so not all change is bad - but still interested in fashion, yet sickened from the consumerism it can often breed.

This blog is for me. For me to feel less stifled by The Fashion Edition and it's persistent begging of me to write about fashion and keep on top of that hectic world, I can write freely here. I think in modern society freedom of expression and creativity is of the highest value and can help free you up in other aspects of life.

Without further philosophising, welcome to Gun & a Pack of Sandwiches. Thanks for being one of the first to read. I'll be seeing you around, and don't be shy to say 'hai'. 

I haven't really told you much about me other than my fashion rant, so here's a quick profile.

NAME: Rachel Callender
AGE: 17
INTERESTS: Fashion / Photography / Oriental culture / Travel / Gangster movies / Printed media / Music / Journalism
STYLE: Comfort / Boyish / Consists mainly of my Dad's shirts
AESTHETIC: Unconventional beauty / Modern / Clean-cut / Minimalism / 'Ugly' things
MUSIC: All genres / Mainly rock and indie / Bands
ASPIRATIONS: Set up a magazine / do a Foundation in Art and Design / Make my own clothes / Not fail my A-Levels 


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