Thursday, 7 August 2014

Featured! Links à la Mode August 7th

Hi any readers out there...

I'm super honoured to have been picked for this weeks Links à la Mode (20 of the best posts of the week as chosen by fashion blogger network, IFB) for my post on 10 Tips for Journalism from Edna Fernandes.

This is particularly exciting since Gun & a Pack of Sandwiches is so new!

Anyway, I'd highly recommend you check out the other articles - they're all so fantastic (I really enjoyed Stop Saying, "I'm Sorry" by Hunt & Harvest!

All the best,

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To Trend or Not To Trend

Just a few years ago, fashion editors were complaining about "peacocking" and the ridiculousness of street style. It seems like the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way, because now, it's all about the basics. Whether it's denim, a crisp suit, or just keeping a fresh face, it's never been so hot to not be too trendy. The non-trend-trend, or something.

Links à la Mode: August 7th

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

10 More Journalism Tips - and General Advice - from Journalist, Edna Fernandes

Continuing on from my last post about journalism tips picked up on the intensive T!Media course, today I'm going to share some tips that acclaimed journalist and author, Edna Fernandes, instilled in us on the final day.

Edna Fernandes in Cuba. Source.

Her talk with us - the eye-opening accounts of reporting the Arab Spring, the early days of the Iraq war and her meeting with the now-reformed, General Butt Naked (read this incredible article Edna wrote for the Daily Mail) - was the highlight of my week; Edna was a fantastic and engaging speaker, a particularly inspirational female journalist, with advice to match:

  1. Edna did loads of WORK EXPERIENCE in journalism, wherever she could get it. Her methodology was to make a list of her top 5 publications and work her way through the list, applying for voluntary positions."DOORS OPEN IF YOU'RE PERSISTENT." 
  3. WRITE IN YOUR SPARE TIME. When acting as a general dogs body before working her way up the ranks, Edna would write 50 word briefs for articles, as practice.
  4. "DON'T WAIT FOR PEOPLE TO MAKE YOU OFFERS, BECAUSE NO ONE WILL." When it comes to getting work or advancing, often you may need to go out of your way and be assertive and ask for positions or new roles to take on so that you can continue to grow and develop as a journalist - but this can apply to any industry of work. "DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF."
  5. "BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF...DO YOU REALLY WANT AN INSTITUTE TO DEFINE YOU?" It is important to know when to say 'enough is enough' if your personal values are being challenged by your career.
  6. "DON'T DUMB DOWN YOUR OPINIONS. BE HUMBLE." This, as with the previous point, is important to prevent selling yourself short. 
  7. "THINK ABOUT WHERE YOU WANT TO END UP." By looking to the future and your aspirations you can pinpoint key challenges you will need to overcome in order to succeed. Struggling to overcome the walls? Try tackling them from a different angle: "KEEP FINDING NEW WAYS TO GET WHAT YOU WANT."
  8. "SEEK MENTORS: JOURNALISTS ARE SUCKERS FOR COMPLIMENTS." Like with many other creative industries, who you know can often provide you that extra foot in the door. "NETWORK. MAKE CONTACTS." You never know when a new contact could come in handy.
  9. "GO TO EVENTS." Irregardless of your industry of work, staying on top of events and news in the industry could help you to become a more trusted professional, and keep you ahead of the competition. 
  10. "TAKE AND STICK TO THE FACTS." Stay trustworthy. In these days of phone-hacking, the reputations of journalists are waning. Gossip may sell, but "IF IT'S TRUE THEY CAN'T SUE." 
Edna also had some great little sayings that have stuck in my head, including that "IF IT'S TRUE, THEY CAN'T SUE." Here are some more bitesize pieces:
Edna is great as she tells it how it is, and her advice can be applied outside of work to other areas of life too. I hope that was of some use. 

Happy summer!


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Saturday, 19 July 2014

London in Photos / The Kings Road

My new Juju's. They're so ugly it's great.

Fishing in the Thames, Chelsea Embankment


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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Instagram Highlights

The past month has been very busy busy for me, including: enjoying the final of Wimbledon Tennis atop Henman's Hill after camping over the night before, attending a great course at the University of the Creative Arts Epsom and this Journalism course at T!Magazine, of course.

Instagram is just one of those social media accounts that I seem to have time for, despite life being hectic as hell, so Insta can be a pretty good insight into what's been going on in life.

I thought I'd share a few quick photos with you - my favourites from Summer so far.


UCA Fashion Marketing and Management, and Fashion Promotion and Imaging
Wimbledon Crew 2014

Tamezin Media HQ

Vintage shopping

Wimbledon Park Lake


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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

5 Journalism Tips For Success From The Professionals

How's it going? Peachy? Good. So today I'm just going to give a summary of tips I've picked up so far this week.

At my school we do a week of work experience near the end of the summer term. Instead I decided that I'd probably find a week Journalism course more beneficial, as it's something I'm interested in pursuing. 

Tamezin Media - the charity behind the heavily acclaimed new teen magazine, t!Magazine - HQ on the Chelsea Embankment has been my home from home this week. The beautiful townhouse has been visited by active journalists, writers and HR workers who in turn have given us practical tips for what you can expect as a journalist, and how best to get there. 

Additionally, last Saturday I went to a course at the V&A for Fashion Journalism run by the Vogue Online journalist, Scarlett Kilcooley-O'Halloran, who gave us an eye-opening insight to what her job demands of her. 

I thought I'd be charitable and share the best hints I've picked up from both courses with you:


  1. Get WORK EXPERIENCE. Experience shows that you truly are interested in becoming a journalist and are proactive in pursuing this desire. Having experience in journalism before application to a job will separate you from other applicants. TIP: Start off targeting small local publications as you have a greater chance of being accepted. This also goes for getting a job. Start small: smaller companies are likely to have more tasks to issue you, whereas bigger corporations will probably leave you to do the filing and make cups of tea. 
  2. You DON'T NEED A DEGREE. All of the journalists who've presented to us so far have declared that most journalists don't have a degree - it's experience that is important. If you do want to do a degree media studies is not recommended. A solid English degree, or other essay writing subject will suffice - that's if you're convinced university is the place for you.
  3. Be PRODUCTIVE. Write a blog (hello) regularly. Perhaps start of targeting small local publications
  4. Write with a PASSION. It is easier to write about things you're passionate about. Aim to tell a story and persuade people to read your story. Read around your topic. 
  5. JUST WRITE! Ask yourself: 'why would readers be interested in my ideas?' Be original, or at least take a fresh approach to a previously covered topic. 
I hope that was helpful? As I pick up new tips as the week goes on I'll update the list.

Best of luck.


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Let's start at the beginning

Let's start at the logical place: the beginning.

Hello, my name is Rachel Callender. You can find me a couple miles out of London, England, sitting in front of my laptop, listening intently to 6Music and probably wasting my time wishing away my life.

I have another blog, The Fashion Edition, which was born in 2008 back when I was naïve to the flaws of the fashion world and pretty much had decided upon my studies, university course and that I would become a successful fashion designer. I guess you could say a lot has changed in 6 years, as you'd expect from the evolution into being a teenager. Now I'm that cynical girl preaching anarchy and individuality - so not all change is bad - but still interested in fashion, yet sickened from the consumerism it can often breed.

This blog is for me. For me to feel less stifled by The Fashion Edition and it's persistent begging of me to write about fashion and keep on top of that hectic world, I can write freely here. I think in modern society freedom of expression and creativity is of the highest value and can help free you up in other aspects of life.

Without further philosophising, welcome to Gun & a Pack of Sandwiches. Thanks for being one of the first to read. I'll be seeing you around, and don't be shy to say 'hai'. 

I haven't really told you much about me other than my fashion rant, so here's a quick profile.

NAME: Rachel Callender
AGE: 17
INTERESTS: Fashion / Photography / Oriental culture / Travel / Gangster movies / Printed media / Music / Journalism
STYLE: Comfort / Boyish / Consists mainly of my Dad's shirts
AESTHETIC: Unconventional beauty / Modern / Clean-cut / Minimalism / 'Ugly' things
MUSIC: All genres / Mainly rock and indie / Bands
ASPIRATIONS: Set up a magazine / do a Foundation in Art and Design / Make my own clothes / Not fail my A-Levels 


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